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Speaker of the House Robin Vos

The top Republican in Wisconsin, Vos has used both his bully pulpit and the state’s conservative-controlled Supreme Court to limit Governor Tony Evers’ efforts at containing the virus at every turn. He led a lawsuit against Evers and wrested control of the state's COVID-19 response thanks to the conservative state Supreme Court.

Since winning the lawsuit, Vos has done nothing to stop the virus. As a result, Wisconsin’s COVID cases are at an all-time high. And they continue to climb

Speaker of the House Robin Vos


  • March 30th: After Gov. Evers issued a “safer-at-home” order that closed all non-essential businesses, Vos announcs his opposition to the order and encouraged conservative groups to file a lawsuit.
  • April 8th: Along with the State Senate Majority Leader, Vos blocks all efforts to delay an in-person election during the middle of the safer-at-home order, putting people in danger.  Vos then assures Wisconsinites that they were “incredibly safe to go out” while wearing head-to-toe PPE gear while working at a polling site, earning national mockery.
  • April 17th: After Evers extends the order that had kept the state from reaching the projected COVID case count, Vos decides to file a lawsuit himself, asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to reverse the order. “We’re angry, we’re frustrated and we’re trying to push back in every way that we can,” he says.
  • May 13th: The conservative-dominated State Supreme Court hands Vos a victory, blocking the extension of the “safer-at-home” order. It gives the State House control over the COVID response.
  • September 22nd: Vos calls Evers’ statewide mask mandate amid a spike in COVID cases “illegal” and supports court challenges.
  • October 5th: Over 145 days after winning in state court, Vos has still failed to introduce a new plan to deal with COVID.