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Michigan Legislature Members

Michigan Republicans have refused to wear masks, sued to reopen the state multiple times, supported armed and maskless protestors marching on the state Capitol, and lied about the virus, and exposed other people once being diagnosed with COVID-19 themselves.

There have been several Republican lawmakers in particular who have been egregiously awful on the issue: Rep. Beau LaFave, Sen. Tom Barrett,

Nearly 140,000 Michiganders have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and over 7,000 have died of the virus.

Michigan Legislature Members


  • April 24th: Sen. Tom Barrett sponsors a bill to strip Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of her emergency powers as governor, which go back to 1945.
  • May 6th: Barrett announces his support for the Republican legislature's lawsuit against Gov. Whitmer's shutdown orders.
  • July 20th: As Gov. Whitmer urges people in Michigan to wear masks, Rep. LaFave made two very false pronouncements. 
  • The first: “The masks are not going to save anyone,” he said. “The masks aren’t going to save anybody. It doesn’t make much sense.” 
  • The second: “I’m less likely to die if I get COVID-19 than the flu. I can’t get this virus and I’ll be OK.”
  • July 24th: While still arguing against people wearing masks and taking precautions, LaFave offered a useless proposal that would have required that the state send China an “itemized statement of the damages, costs, expenses and other losses” stemming from the pandemic.
  • September 29th: LaFave tests positive for COVID-19 as the number of cases rise in his district. And yet, he still argues against increased safety measures.