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PA House Members

The Republican majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has from the start of the pandemic undermined public safety as well as the safety of its own staffers and Capitol building employees. They refuse to enforce a mask rule on the floor of the House, resulting in several disasters.

State Reps. Andrew Lewis, Russ Diamond, and Kerry Benninghoff have been especially egregious in their actions.

Over 8,000 people in Pennsylvania have died of COVID-19. There have been more than 165,000 cases.

PA House Members


  • April 15th: Both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature pass a bill that would repeal Gov. Tom Wolf’s shelter-at-home order and allow counties to permit businesses to open while COVID numbers skyrocket in the state.
  • May 28th: State Rep. Andrew Lewis reveals that he tested positive for COVID-19 — something he didn’t reveal to Democrats or Capitol employees for weeks, putting them in danger.
  • October 1st: State Rep. Paul Schemel tests positive for COVID-19. He refused to wear a mask and exposed colleagues to the virus for weeks.